how to enlarge penis by food: What to Eat to Get Those Extra Two Inches

It’s not just women, men too suffer from body image issues. The tendency of men is to stress over their penile lengths and other measurements. You’ll see them scouring through magazines, supplements and what not, to enlarge their penis size by a few more inches. A large number of men out there want a larger penis, so it’s actually a big issue. The most effective methods of penis enlargement in a safe manner are not known yet, but it is said that some foods can actually help. Here at Supplemania, we will elaborately discuss how to enlarge penis by food.

The key to penis enlargement is increasing blood circulation in the body, and some foods can actually help do that. So you can forget expensive penis enlargement surgeries and penis enlargement pumps. By eating the right foods you can actually gain a few inches easily.

Why Do Men Want Larger Penis?

With the emergence of the adult entertainment industries, the standards and preferences of the opposite sex have changed. From porn films to dating apps, everywhere you see larger penises. It seems the majority of women now prefer bigger beef due to this reason, and this has created pressure on regular men who try their best to please them. Men have started to feel insecure about their bodies and therefore have resorted to various means of penis enlargement. Certain supplements, herbs and products can help you achieve a little bit of length temporarily, but to get long-lasting results, you need to think about your nutrition first.

However, don’t expect results immediately. You need to have patience, and most importantly, confidence. Wearing confidence is the key to satisfaction in the bedroom, and with a larger penis, you’ll have your partner swooning in no time.


Are you wondering how to enlarge penis by food only? The human body needs a healthy flow of blood in order to survive properly, and any hindrance to the internal flow of blood is called a clot. Blood clots may be the reason that your penis is not getting enough blood flow within it for a strong erection. Onions could help reduce blood clots in your veins in an effective way because they contain an abundant amount of sulfur, which can work as a blood thinner; reducing clots and improving blood circulation. If you incorporate onions in your diet, your penis size could improve and because of their blood thinning functions, your penis will get enough circulation to have long-lasting erections.


Like me, many nutrition experts would suggest you to eat bananas too. The reason is quite simple – bananas contain a good amount of amino acids and potassium, in particular. Potassium is known to cause lower blood pressure, which would in turn help in improved blood circulation to the penis. So bananas make for a good stamina food for male.


Whether online or offline, many men often ask me how to enlarge penis by food and nutrition. Although it sounds unbelievable, foods do really help. For example, strawberries can help regulate blood flow and keep it steady, especially when the heart starts to beat faster. They contain anthocyanins that helps unclog arteries. This way, blood circulates faster, leading to stronger erections. This may also help elongate the length of the penis. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, which can also contribute to more sperm count.

Male Enhancement Herbs

You could try natural male enhancement foods as well as ancient herbs that have been used for penis enlargement purposes for years. Although their effectiveness has not yet been approved scientifically, many men from all over the world actually found some benefits from herbs. Aphrodisiac herbs are thought to increase the sex drive, potency and may even help enlarge your penis size. People usually opt for these options because they don’t want to face the side effects of artificial products and supplements. The following two herbs seemed to show the most importance.

1. Ginseng: Ginseng has long been used in China and Korea for medicinal purposes. It’s also great for increasing stamina and concentration. Some clinical studies have shown that ginseng can help in increasing penis rigidity, libido, satisfaction, girth and even the length of erection time. Ginseng is usually safe for use, but it should be used for a short period of time. Side effects may include sleeplessness. If you are someone who takes caffeine, medications and alcohol regularly, ginseng may counteract and create negative side effects. So, don’t forget to consult a doctor before using ginseng.

2. White’s ginger: The name may sound unfamiliar to you, but it’s very popular in Uganda. In fact, in Africa, it’s a common practice to use medicinal plant extracts to increase sperm count and libido. It’s similar to viagra in the sense that it increases sex drive, testosterone levels and long-lasting erections in men. The substance also has low chances of intoxication, and is widely used in a drink called Mulondo wine in Africa.

However, excess use of herbs may lead to the worst rather than the best. So use carefully, and if you do see any unwanted side effects, consult your doctor immediately. There’s no need to feel ashamed or insecure about talking to your doctor about these matters.


Before you use any kind of herbs or supplements, you should understand that these products are not monitored or approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). So their use as medical treatments have not been verified by the FDA. Some herbs are derived from different parts of the world and may cause negative reactions in your body due to the possibility of contamination. Also, since these products have not been tested or studied widely like prescription medicines, they may not work as effectively as you had hoped them to be. Always buy supplements and herbs from proven sources.

You may find certain substances labeled as ‘herbal viagra.’ These products might be a scam since they contain dangerous levels of prescription medicines and harmful ingredients, which may be detrimental to your health. Some substances may not even be labeled on the package.

Consult a doctor before using any kind of supplements or herbs. Even after use, should you face any uncomfortable experience, notify your doctor immediately and take proper medical treatment. Herbs and foods are generally harmless, but you might just get unlucky and experience unwanted side effects, so be careful. When you experience side effects instead of results, it’s best to discontinue the product.

Many men have self-image issues, and those who have smaller penise sizes (below 6 inches) face insecurities more than those men who have larger penis sizes (over 6 inches long). Not only are they afraid to date, they’re also afraid of body shaming by the opposite sex, and this feeds into further insecurity. These are the people who are afraid of sex and they wish for a few extra inches added to their penis size just to feel good about themselves, hoping to please their partners. They’re afraid of prescription medicines going haywire on them, so they resort to supplements and look for further options. Taking different types of products doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get your desired results. However, with proper nutrition and use of natural herbs, you might get your desired results sooner or later. You should keep in mind that your penile length may increase, but only up to a certain extent. Try to be satisfied with how much you achieve, and don’t go overboard.


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