manicure for men: A Guide To French Manicure For Men

Whether you’re a man or a woman, taking care of your nails is definitely important. If it wasn’t, famous people like LeBron James would have never been obsessed with it. So, if you think you’re too manly to do manicures, think again because most of the ‘badass’ male celebrities do it and so they have such amazing hands and feet that we envy them. Despite working in extreme weather conditions and suffering injuries, they make sure that their hands look good in front of the camera and the whole world.

As part of your healthy lifestyle, there is no better way to groom your hands than doing French manicures. Your hands would be clean and your nails would look decent with just a few simple steps. This article will explain how you can get a regular manicure and still look manly. We will also give you a sneak peek on french manicures because you just can’t miss out on them.

Steps to Doing Regular Manicure for Men at Home

Manicures are oh-so-simple and so easy that you’d want to do them regularly. Not just because you would get gorgeous hands, but also because you might feel relaxed and your hands would look clean and healthy.

The first thing to do when it comes to getting manicures is cutting the nails. Using a nail clipper, clip the white portions of the nail. While clipping, make sure that you clip once for one fingernail. If you have to clip further around the nail, there may be a chance of hangnails. Now, hangnails are extremely uncomfortable and messy to look at, so a file should be used to make the edges of the nail appear smoother.

Use the nail file in a way as if it’s sanding back the fingernail. Start by gently filing one side and moving to the other side. Make sure the top of the nail is round. Stop filing once you start to feel that the file is touching the tip of the finger. Don’t rush while filing, no matter how tempting it is. Rushing can only make matters worse and ruin the shape of the nail.

Then you have to remove the extra cuticle. The cuticle is the part of the nail that meets the skin and appears to be lighter in color. Rather than using your fingers to remove the extra cuticle, use your cuticle clipper instead, so that it doesn’t appear jagged. This way you could also prevent bleeding, hangnails, and swelling. If the cuticles are badly out of shape, you have to slowly push the cuticle back to the fingernail ends using a cuticle stick.

Lastly, your hands need to be hydrated well. This step is kind of like a finishing touch so your hands look just as good as your nails. Wash your hands and then apply a hand lotion to make your hands appear smooth. Add high-quality cuticle oil around the nails, which will give the nails a glossy polished look.

So manicures aren’t so hard after all, right? Yet, if you think that this isn’t your kind of game, you could always head to a nail salon and get your nails done professionally.

How Are French Manicures Different?

Yes, there are different types of manicures, and French manicures are indeed famous. You can easily recognize French manicured nails. They have solid and very white tips. The base applied could be pinkish or clear, but none is applied over the white part, making it stand out. Some might say that French manicures make the nails look unreal, but I say they’re just gorgeous.

Sure, American manicures are just as good, although they look more subtle. The white tips are not very noticeable and appear to be more creamy or faded. The seems to be more natural since a light or skin colored base is applied over the entire nail. But the edges are still defined. The above method is a typical American manicure, so it’s about time I tell you how a French manicure is done.

French Manicure for Men

Did you know that French manicures actually originated in Hollywood in the 1970s, and not in the streets in Paris? French manicures are definitely classic and go with any style and color. Without a guide, it may be quite difficult to do, but we have you covered! Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you can’t give some love to your nails.

First make sure that your hands are washed and clean. In French manicure, the nails are quite long; so use a nail clipper to just trim the edges. Don’t trim too close to the fingertips. The length of each nail should be the same on each finger. Let the nail shape look even.

With the right nail file, you get to shape your nail to a crescent shape. Or you could try a round or square shape as well, it really depends on you. While filing, it’s best not to push the nail down. Just drag the nail file across the edges of the nails. You can use your nail buffer to buff the surface of the nails.

Take a bowl of warm water, olive oil or milk and place your hands inside so the cuticles on your nails soften. This way they can be pushed back easily. Just keep them inside for around five minutes, then pat your hands dry.

Take an orange stick and use it to push back the cuticles. In this case, you don’t need to trim the cuticles, just push them back. At this moment, you should use cuticle oil and massage all over your nails. Then use a few drops of rubbing alcohol on to the nails. Don’t apply too much, otherwise, your nails could go brittle.

These steps are also applicable to women. In fact, the next steps involve applying various kinds of nail polish or nail art. However, your main concern after a manicure for men obviously would be how to make it last for a long time. You can do French manicures at home or you could get it done professionally, but I personally love doing it at home every once in a while.

How to Get Your Manicure to Last Long?

Well, believe me, that’s hard. Since we do almost everything with our hands, nails are prone to all kinds of damage. But if you follow these tips, your manicures could last a long enough time!

  1. A simple trick is to apply a clear base coat on the top half of the nail, then apply a second layer of base coat over the entire nail. This way, despite typing and texting all day, your nails won’t chip.
  2. Every two or three days, you could apply some clear top coat over your entire nails to prevent them from chipping.
  3. When you’re done with your manicure session, try to steer clear from hand sanitizers. Wash your hands with mild soap instead because those liquids could ruin the top coat.
  4. You could apply some nail oil every day to keep your nails moisturized and healthy.
  5. If you’re going to do the dishes with your hands, it’s better to wear gloves to protect your manicure.

However, manicures alone are not enough; you might feel incomplete even after that. So it’s best if you get a pedicure and pamper your feet too! A pedicure, a foot massage, some relaxing music, and some sing-alongs with your pals are all you need to get some fun and spare time from the busy schedule of life.


  1. Manicure is the easiest task that anyone can complete and for beginners it is advice to take help from professionals as they are expert in this field for long and can make your life easy with full of comfortable and easiness.


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