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Liver is the most important part of the human body since it’s the part where all the harmful chemicals and toxins get filtered. Not only this but liver also helps in breaking down and digesting food, and stores the necessary minerals and vitamins. It is important to take good care of our liver’s health by taking proper diet. Good quality liver supplements also help a lot in many instances. In this blog, we’re going to talk about the liver pills benefits.

Benefits of Liver Pills

Not everyone is able to reap liver health benefits properly. Not many people like the taste of cooked liver, let alone the raw intake of liver. Raw liver pills have come as a blessing to many. But nutritionally, the raw liver pills benefits are the same as eating a raw liver.

The liver pills fall into the category of “desiccated liver supplements.” The benefits of desiccated liver supplements are many. These supplements are made out of cow livers and the cows take fresh and organic grass regularly. Then the liver is excreted from the cows and is dehydrated using a low temperature. Then the desiccated liver is shaped into powder and then the powder is made into the pills that we find in the market. So, what are you getting out of these liver pills? You’ll get to experience these benefits of liver supplements within a month of their intake:

  • High stamina
  • Fat loss at a high speed
  • High body strength
  • Elimination of uncomfort borne out of lactic acid and fatigue in the muscles
  • Relieved stress which also contributes to better sleep
  • Great source of high protein quality
  • A rich source of Vitamins A and B complex
  • Provides folic acid
  • Provides iron, zinc, copper, and chromium
  • Repairs RNA and DNA
  • Prevents anemia
  • Enhances the body’s energy
  • Protects the body from nutrient deficiencies

How Do Liver Supplements Work?

There are countless foods and recipes that offer liver benefits. But if you can’t manage time and gather efforts to prepare them, you can aim for liver pills or liver supplements. Liver supplements mainly work by keeping your liver in a consistent healthy condition. Just by regularly taking the liver pills with water, you can reap the benefits from it. But how do these pills work on your body? We’re going to discuss that in detail.

1. Offers Antioxidants

Antioxidants are often mentioned with treatments of cancer and aging but liver has an important relationship with them too. The human body constantly fights with what’s known as oxidative stress. This often results in massive tissue damage and cancer. But liver pills contain vitamin C which is a great source of antioxidants. Thus, liver pills protect the human body and especially the cells in the liver from this unwanted stress. This prevents major health issues like cancer and liver cirrhosis.

2. Metabolizes Alcohol

The most common reason a person gets concerned about his/her liver is when he/she guesses the damage done to the liver due to alcohol intake. Liver repairs itself like any other part of the body. But just like those other parts, liver forms scar tissues so it can prevent any more injuries. But these scar tissues leave the liver less effective by making it fibrous.

One of the most important benefits of eating liver supplements is that they include B6 and B12 vitamins and they help in metabolizing alcohol. This causes a significantly less scarring effect on the liver. So, you can actually improve your liver condition by taking these pills.

3. You Don’t Even Know whether You Need It

Getting a liver condition is not instantly identifiable but the symptoms come in very subtly. Here are some of the things you should look out for regarding your liver health and if you experience any one of these, you should consult a doctor and start taking your liver pills:

  • Leaves a bad aftertaste every time after eating
  • Constant back pain in the area between the shoulder blades
  • Headaches hovering over the eye area
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Swollen veins

In any of these cases and more, you can start taking vitamin pills for liver and see the benefits for yourself.

4. Supports Liver that Contributes to Healthier Body

Due to lots of recent environmental changes, we are almost always exposed to the toxic materials that are in the air. But with a healthy lifestyle and healthy liver, your body can successfully fight these toxins. There are different types of livers but chicken and beef liver intake are the most common. The beef liver tablets benefits keep the body consistently in good condition.

Liver pills help in supporting and promoting a healthy liver. This, in turn, contributes to the overall physical health. Some of the pills contain milk thistle. Milk thistle is mainly taken for the component known as silymarin, a great antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory element. Silymarin is also particularly important in fighting toxins in the environment.

5. Helps with Anemia

Anemia is a serious health condition where the body lacks the number of normal red blood cells. It also results in a low hemoglobin level in those red cells. Anemia comes with many side-diseases like fatigue, mood swings, and brain fog. It also severely damages the conditions of the brain, heart, lungs and some other parts as well. Anemia is mainly caused by the iron deficiency in the body.

Liver or liver pills are often suggested to prevent anemia from taking over the red blood cells. This is because these liver pills contain powerful ingredients like iron, folate, and vitamin B12. Each of these components is essential for overcoming anemia.

Are the Liver Pills Really Effective?

All the liver pills are essentially desiccated liver. If you can eat raw liver, go for it after you’ve frozen it for more than 14 days. That’s the best way to get those liver nutrients into your body. But since most of the people hate to even think about it, these pills come in very helpful.

You need to make sure the desiccated liver pills you’re taking, came from the liver of the pasture-raised cattle. A good quality liver pill serves several multivitamins to the body. Due to the different components, these pills also prevent diseases that a normal liver intake would not offer. Liver pills benefits include increased energy levels, decreased adrenal fatigue, and thyroid issues. They also fight autoimmune diseases and bad cellular function.

There are liver cleanse diets as well as pills and whether they work or not is still controversial. Instead of going for these liver cleanse pills benefits, go for prevention and start taking the liver supplements.

How to Take the Liver Pills

How you’ll reap your liver supplements benefits depends on your intake. And what your dosage of the liver pills will depend on your age, health, previous medical history, and a lot of other things. So, before you start on a liver supplement routine, you need to consult a doctor or a healthcare professional.

Typically, it’s suggested that you take 3-4 pills per day. But this, too, depends on the conditions mentioned earlier.

Cautions while Taking Liver Pills

You’ll most likely not get susceptible to any side effects from liver pills. But the manufacturing company is an important thing to consider when buying these pills. Some of these pills come from animals that are contaminated with many diseases. But this too doesn’t cause much trouble to the human body.

Only go for the liver pills that are made from organically grown cows. The pills from the cows farmed in factories are usually filled with different chemicals and some of them are toxic. Also, go for the pills that don’t have any binders, additives, or fillers. The pills that are just desiccated liver and don’t include anything else are the best sort of pills.

If you’re going through pregnancy or you need to breastfeed regularly, you should avoid the intake of these pills. Although there’s no research that proves the pills harmful during this period, it’s better to stay on the safe side by avoiding liver pills.

There’s an iron condition called hemochromatosis where there’s an apparent rise in the iron level inside the body. If you have this condition, you can’t take any more iron in your body. Taking liver pills in this condition will only worsen the iron metabolism in the body.

We hope we’ve answered your question “is liver good for you?” Raw liver is not for everyone. The liver pill benefits discussed in this article are for everyone and we suggest that you also incorporate an exercise routine with your regular intake. If you take liver pills on a daily basis, you’ll start seeing the difference in your body within a month.


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