onion juice for hair loss: Onion For Hair Growth: Does It Actually Work?

We can all agree that onions are our favorite vegetables because we use them in so many recipes. They have great flavors and taste with high nutritional content. Yet, not many among us know the wonders of the onion juice. It’s the same juice that you get when you cut an onion. We are talking about this because it has numerous health benefits and you can even use onion juice for hair loss prevention.

Many people are skeptical about using onion juice because of its pungent smell and fearing the uncertainty that it might not work. But even celebrities don’t shy away from using onion juice, and so we have decided to break down all the details for you. Read on to know more about onion juice for hair loss and what makes it so good.

Some Facts About Onions

Since ancient times, onions have been used in various culinary and remedial uses. In ancient Egypt, it was considered an important object for burial. Onions are low on carbs and calories, yet provide food with a certain unique flavor, which is why it has become a staple additive in many recipes.

Onions are rich in flavonoids and phytochemicals, which have beneficial effects on the body. In recent years, there has been an increasing trend of using onion juice for hair growth therapies. Not only does it reduce hair loss, but it also stimulates natural hair growth quite quickly. This has led to many people preferring onion juice over different types of hair oils.

Onion Juice for Hair Loss: Why You Should Use It

Onions are known to contain a high amount of sulfur. Our bodies do need trace amounts of sulfur to build proteins like keratin and collagen, which are found in skin, hair, and nails. These proteins contain amino acids that have sulfur components, which is why anything containing sulfur is good for hair. What better source of sulfur could be than the onion juice? Our hair is primarily made of sulfur-rich keratin, so for hair growth, onion juice would definitely help. When it’s added to the scalp, it could provide extra sulfur which would not only promote thickness of hair, it would also help reduce hair loss and encourage quick hair growth.

Onion juice contains antioxidants that helps delay hair graying and premature aging. It also holds certain antimicrobial activity that may protect your scalp from irritation. So you could use onion juice for hair loss as well as for keeping it young and beautiful.

Another benefit is that sulfur helps boost collagen formation, which is great for the scalp. With newer and healthier skin cells, there’s an opportunity for healthier hair growth. Whilst it’s known that hair massages are great for improving blood circulation to the head, onion juice is particularly useful in this case. With the boost of sulfur and blood circulation to the hair follicles, natural hair growth gets faster. Some research has already shown how onion juice can reduce and even prevent hair loss. In fact, it has been observed that onion juice did better in reducing hair loss in men compared to women. However, don’t think of onion juice as a cure for alopecia areata or baldness or any conditions related to the scalp.

What to Know Before Applying Onion Juice?

Onion juice is usually safe for our scalp, but for those of you who are allergic to onions or have specific scalp conditions, it’s best to avoid using it. Even if you’re not allergic, onion juice may irritate your skin and cause itching or redness. In this case, you should mix onion juice with a soothing ingredient, such as aloe vera or certain oils. Again, you should know that this isn’t a cure, it’s simply a way of controlling your hair fall. If you’re under medication, you may become sensitive to the topical application of onion juice. So, it’s best if you consult a doctor.

DIY Onion Juice Home Remedies

Using onion juice regularly is the key to getting beautiful, long hair quickly and to getting a healthy scalp. First cut an onion into tiny pieces and then squeeze them together to extract the juice. Use a mesh kitchen strainer to filter the juice and get rid of any solid components. Now that you’re aware of the vast number of benefits onions hold and how to make the juice, it’s time to learn a few methods on growing natural hair and reducing hair fall with the help of onion juice.

Method 1:

Get some cotton pads and take 1 tablespoon of onion juice. Saturate the cotton pad with onion juice. Dab your scalp with the cotton pad containing the juice. Make sure all parts of the scalp have been covered and then massage for a few minutes. Leave it for at least 15 minutes or 1 hour at most if you have time. Then wash your hair with shampoo. Do this two or three times a week.

Method 2:

For those of you with dandruff problems, this method may be a good idea. Combine 2 tablespoons of onion juice, 5 drops of tea tree oil and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Check if the mixture is smooth and start massaging your hair with it. Make sure that the entire scalp has been covered, then wait for around half an hour. Wash away with mild shampoo. Do this every day if you can.

Method 3:

Onion juice reduces hair loss, but castor oil is known to thicken hair volume and encourage new hair growth; especially the Jamaican Castor Oil. Mix 2 tablespoons of castor oil with 2 tablespoons of onion juice. Castor oil is quite thick, so if you see that the consistency of the mixture is still too thick, you can add more juice to make it less thick. Apply the mixture into the scalp and massage your entire head using a circular motion. Leave the mixture on your head for an hour and then wash using a mild shampoo. Do this regularly, once every 2 days.

Method 4:

Break an egg and mix the egg white and yolk with 1 tablespoon of onion juice. Because of the onion juice and egg, the mixture could smell funny. So, it’s better to add few drops of essential oils, such as rosemary or lavender. Apply this mixture on your scalp and cover each strand of hair all the way down to the tip. Wear a shower cap and wait for around half an hour. Then wash your hair with a mild shampoo that contains no sulfate at all. Use cold water when washing. Do this once or twice a week and soon you’ll start to see positive resuts.

Long ago when I used to see rings of onions spluttered around some tasty dishes, I had this tendency to avoid the onion rings. However, soon enough I realized how nutritious it was to eat onions. Sure they make you all teary-eyed and the odor really gets to you, but the juice works wonders. I personally found great benefits, especially during winters when my hair fall rate used to increase to a great extent. I was never disappointed and you wouldn’t be either! I clearly love onion juice for hair loss control, for hair growth and dandruff reduction, so I suggest you try it too and see the magic for yourself. However, I would also recommend that you use some effective hair growth supplements for better results.


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