Safety Advice

We at Supplemania, are dedicated to researching and reviewing different types and brands of supplements for our readers. Most supplements are lab tested by the manufacturers and undergoes a certain degree of quality testing. Therefore, we do not run chemical or lab tests on the products during our research. However, since most of them are not monitored and approved by the FDA, we are required to scrutinize these supplements ourselves in order to ensure the quality of our reviews.

Our team consists of physicians, biochemists, nutritionists and beauticians that review the products based on their effectiveness and performance on a select group of volunteers. Apart from that, our specialists use their knowledge and expertise to determine the effects, side-effects, uses and benefits from the given ingredients. However, we understand that all the products come with their own sets of pros and cons and is not guaranteed to affect everyone the same way.

Our reviews do not deal with case-by-case issues and are not guaranteed to be suitable or perfect for everyone under all circumstances. If you are pregnant, lactating, have a condition or allergies, it is strongly recommended to consult your physician before using the products. Should you follow our reviews and make decisions based upon that without consulting a healthcare professional, we are under no obligation to take liability for your actions. Our reviews are here only to help you choose a product among so many different brands and types rather than provide a solution or a cure to your problems, ailments or diseases.

Follow the dosage instructions on the labels of the products carefully and be responsible in the usage of dietary supplements. It is important to understand that dietary supplements are, in no circumstances, a substitute for food and other organic nutrients.