spa pedicure: How To Get Spa Quality Pedicures At Home

It’s the weekend and after a busy week of work or school, you just don’t feel like going out; but your feet are screaming for some maintenance and care. Although it requires a good deal of time, effort and concentration, you seriously want your nails to look perfect i.e. as good as those seen in nail salons and spas. If you think you can’t get a spa pedicure at home, let us change your mind. Not only do we care about your nails, but we also have the perfect guide for you to get spa pedicures at home, which you can also do with your pals. So grab a glass of wine and get ready because you’re about to get the best pedicure of your life!

Types of Pedicures

The names may sound bizarre and unreal, but there are so many types of pedicures that you won’t know which one to do. All these pedicures do nothing but pamper your feet, though each type has a different purpose. Depending on your preference and purpose, you should pick the type you want. So if you’re looking for quick alternatives to spa pedicure, here are a few interesting options that you could try.

Athletic pedicure: This pedicure is not too different from the spa version, but the actual purpose is to soothe your feet muscles after long hours of exercise. Your tired feet would feel relaxed, thanks to the action of eucalyptus, peppermint and cucumber, and scented foot massages. This pedicure can be enjoyed by all athletes, whether male or female, and is particularly recommended for callus removal and ingrown toenails.

Gel pedicure: Gel pedicures are just like a regular pedicure or the spa version except the fact that instead of the regular nail polish you have to use gel polish. Then you can go further for toenail painting. Gel polish is meant to last for as long as two weeks, and you won’t have to worry about chipping at all. At one point, however, you may have to deal with dry nails after removing gel polish.

Margarita pedicure: The name itself should get you excited because you’ll instantly get into the party mood with this type of pedicure. So, sit back, take a shot of tequila, and let a professional or a friend take care of your feet with a lime footbath, lime moisturizer massage, salt scrub, and lime-based oil rub.

Spa Pedicure Steps

A spa pedicure is really easy as long as you are able to dedicate 30 minutes from your busy schedule for your precious feet. But first gather the following materials:

  1. If you have nail polish, you’ll need a nail polish remover and a few cotton pads
  2. Nail file and clippers
  3. Cuticle clipper and cuticle stick
  4. Pumice stone
  5. Exfoliating scrub
  6. Hand moisturizer
  7. Nail polish

Start by removing nail polish that you may have on your hand. You should use a nail polish remover that’s free of acetone, as these are much gentler. Then get ready for soaking feet in the water.

It’s a good idea to start your pedicure after a shower or a nice bath because at that time your skin is soft. However, if you’re in a rush, five minutes is all it takes to get your skin soft. Of course, you’d need a good foot soak for that. Fill a container with warm water and dip your feet into the water. Wait for some time. Listen to some good music, drink wine or keep daydreaming, it’s your wish. Rub the foot soak on your callused feet and let your feet go dry. Then apply hand and foot cream. So, what does a foot soak do? It deodorizes and softens the skin on your feet to reduce the appearance of calloused skin.

After drying your feet, it’s time to remove the dead skin cells, especially around the heels. For this step, you would need the pumice stone and an exfoliating scrub. Rub a scrub gently all over your feet to remove dead cells. Massage the feet with your pumice stone. Wash your feet at the end to get rid of skin sloughing.

Now, it’s time to work on your nails. Start by cutting off your creepily long toenails to a neat length with a clipper, and make the shape appropriately smooth using a nail file. Using a cuticle file and stick, remove and push back the overgrown cuticle. You can also try cuticle oil for this purpose. Be careful because these items are sharp, but they’re seriously useful in removing dead skin around the nails.

You would have to massage a bit at this point, using a healthy hydrating moisturizer. Choose a budget-friendly foot cream for use in this case. If you’re going to apply nail polish next, wipe away excess lotion and then take your favorite nail color.

Apply one layer on each nail and then another layer on top. This way, the color will be accentuated. Apply a layer of top coat so that the nail polish doesn’t chip away and the nail polish dries fast.

Although a pedicure spa takes a lot longer than a regular pedicure, the wait is worth it because a variety of items are used to get nice-scented feet. The smell of the aromatherapy oils, the relaxing environment, and the massaging do really feel good. However, spa pedicures and regular pedicures are not the only types people go for. There are many other types of pedicures as well that you could try. See which one you love most, and there will come a time when you would not feel alive without getting pedicures every week!

How Often Should You Get a Pedicure?

So many people have asked me this question, but I wish I could honestly give you the right answer because there isn’t any right answer. It depends on a lot of things. If I could, I would get manicures and pedicures daily but that would mean reducing my bank account to bits. So, yes, money does play a factor here, along with time. You need to set some time off for these procedures, at least a solid two hours from your busy life every week.

Other things to consider include the condition of your toenails, or how fast they’re growing and your daily activities. Depending on your lifestyle, your nails may chip away faster or slower, and depending on that you should set a mani-pedi appointment. Do you have nail biting or skin picking habit around your fingernails? Maybe you need to get mani-pedis more often or less depending on the severity.

Lastly, it all boils down to preferences. Do you want long nails, short nails, french nails, or pointed nails? Depending on these factors you should opt for mani-pedis on a monthly basis or a weekly basis if you’re obsessed with your nails.

Loving your body and feeling confident within it gives you the inspiration to live a healthy and better life. When you have dazzling nails and beautiful feet, you’ll feel like the road you’re walking on is your runway! Don’t do manicures and pedicures just for attending parties or special occasions. Rather, do mani-pedis on a regular basis so your nails remain healthy for a longer period of time. With spa pedicures, you can feel confident in the skin you’re in and walk outside like your feet own the walkways.


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