Testing Methods

At Supplemania, we determine the effectiveness of the products solely based upon how effective the users found them to be. Therefore, we have to ensure that the volunteers are reliable and can help us get the ideal picture that we’re looking for. Therefore, we only choose only the regular supplement users as the volunteers for our products.

In order to ensure that we’re not imposing supplements on non-supplement users, we only allow our volunteers to be from the group of people what use that specific type of supplement. I.E. we won’t be asking a multivitamin user to try out an anti-aging pill. This way, we can be sure that our volunteers are experienced, as well as ensure that we’re not imposing upon anyone.

Even with our volunteers, we take a control group to ensure that we are eliminating any bias placebo from the volunteers and get accurate results. Our control groups help us determine how long the issues remain without the supplements and compare our results with the supplement users. If any notable effects are seen among the supplement users, we rate the product’s effectiveness based upon them.

With the effectiveness of the products determined, we move on to doing online research on the product. We browse through the product, its website and verify the manufacturer’s credibilities. We calculate a price index for the product depending on how much each dosage of the supplement can cost a user. Then we compare this price index with the product’s effectiveness to calculate the value of the products.

Then we consider the feedbacks of its users, the product’s star rating on e-shopping websites, their effectiveness and value and come up with a rating for this product on our own. These Supplemania Scores are our take on the product’s overall quality and are a reflection of our own critical judgment.

As product critics, we try our best to ensure that we don’t miss out any of the downsides that often results in the products not coming out with a full 10/10. But we are ready to give a product a full 10 if we find it to be worthy of that score. Sometimes, we are even obliged to bring a product to the top even when we couldn’t give it the highest score. With that said, it should be apparent that we are not biased and do not provide our reviews without taking everything into consideration.