turmeric benefits for men: Turmeric Benefits For Men’s Health And Libido

Your kitchen may have a container full of spices, including turmeric. This yellow colored spice is a favorite commonly used in Southeast Asian cuisines and has been used by Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners for thousands of years. In certain countries, turmeric is used in different celebrations, such as weddings or passage rites. For example, tijak bumi is a ceremony in which a baby boy’s first steps out of the house is taken on a golden tray containing rice, earth, and turmeric – signifying the baby boy’s transition to manhood. In some Muslim-majority regions, before circumcision, turmeric paste is applied all over the boy’s body. Thus, turmeric is not limited to curry recipes and beauty routines for women. In fact, turmeric has many potential benefits for men as well that we will talk about here.

Curcumin – The Magical Ingredient

The most active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin which gives turmeric a peppery flavor and is responsible for much of the benefits. Turmeric also contains a vast range of phytochemicals that have many potential therapeutic uses. Curcumin can’t be readily absorbed, so it’s found in various alternative forms that are more bioavailable.

Nowadays, turmeric supplements are becoming popular all over the world and they are especially suitable for those who do not like spicy diets. These supplements contain curcumin and associated phytochemicals that can help fight a number of disorders. Studies have shown that curcumin helps in controlling diabetes, fighting depression, and improving heart health. It may even have anticancer properties. However, there’s an increasing number of shreds of evidence to suggest that curcumin may also help in erectile dysfunction, male infertility, prostatitis, testosterone production, and sperm count.

Turmeric Benefits for Men: Boosting Testosterone

As men age, their testosterone levels decrease. The more potent form is known to be dihydrotestosterone and testosterone is converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) whenever needed. Thus, an imbalance between the two hormones may cause a number of problems. The imbalance could cause a decrease in muscle strength, weight gain, emotional outbursts, erectile dysfunction, anxiety, lower sex drive, joint pain, abnormal cholesterol levels, and even lower lifespan. Research indicates that curcumin and other compounds found in turmeric boost testosterone levels and help slow down the aging process by creating homeostasis among the hormones and regulating free radicals.

Abnormal levels of DHT can cause acne, pattern baldness and in extreme cases, prostate cancer. Turmeric can cease the imbalance between testosterone and DHT which could help alleviate these symptoms. The following infographic depicts the health and skin benefits of turmeric.

Turmeric Facts & Benefits
Turmeric Facts & Benefits
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Turmeric And Prostate Cancer

The prostate gland is a walnut-sized gland found in males. Many men have enlarged prostate gland problems, especially after the age of 45. This condition is called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The growth occurs in such a way that it starts to press on the urethra. Such men have problems with urinating. There are prescription medicines available for this condition, but they tend to have complicated side effects. Certain studies have indicated that turmeric is safer than these prescribed medicines. Turmeric components work by reducing the activity of the enzyme which converts testosterone to DHT. Turmeric borneol and camphor can be used to help reduce BPH.

The prostate gland could have other problems, such as chronic inflammation called prostatitis that is caused by bacterial infections. Men with this infection have slightly higher risks of prostate cancer. A study involving 143 prostatitis patients showed that using curcumin and quercetin from turmeric along with antibiotic therapy had improved outcomes, as well as symptom relief for the next 6 months. More turmeric benefits for men are yet to be discovered, but one of them is enhanced prostate health.

Turmeric For Male Enhancement

Male infertility is the real cause of conception difficulties in as much as 40% of couples who want children. Infertility is considered when the sperm count of a man is low, or if the sperm is abnormally shaped, or if the sperm is not motile enough for fertilization. A top reason for male infertility is lower testosterone levels, but there are other factors, such as high amounts of free radicals and toxins.

Stress and lower levels of thyroid hormone can also contribute to this issue, requiring you to live a healthy and stress-free life. Infertility could also occur due to the side effects of certain medications. A varicose vein in the testicle called varicocele can also block the sperm movement. So how can turmeric help? It contains an array of ingredients, all of which can help in male enhancement.

Curcumin could improve erectile dysfunction, especially in diabetic patients. It also protects male reproductive glands from the effects of certain drugs, free radicals, and toxins such as chromium (VI). It also works as a potent antioxidant and may be able to reduce depression and anxiety. Curcumin’s activity is supported by camphor, which helps boost male reproductive function. Other ingredients, such as eugenol, limonene, quercetin, and resveratrol can work as antidepressants and stress-relievers. Turmeric also contains vitamins C and E. Vitamin C helps boost sperm count and prevent sperm from sticking together, while vitamin E provides antioxidant activity.

Male infertility and lower sex drive may be as a result of a major problem called erectile dysfunction (ED). Turmeric components are known to be helpful for those with ED. Some research had shown that these compounds helped improve blood flow by allowing proper blood vessel dilation, reducing the chances of ED. Although conducting of such research is still limited to animal models, human clinical trials are not too far. Curcumin, niacin, vitamin E and quercetin can help treat ED. In an experiment, pure and water-soluble curcumin showed better and long-lasting erection compared to Viagra. It worked by enhancing enzymatic activity that is needed in penile tissue for erection. Other compounds found in turmeric showed activity against stress and depression and improved sex drive.

Turmeric Dosage And Intake

Turmeric is a great spice to add to soups and curries. Whether you use it as a medicine or spice, it has numerous health benefits. The dosage of natural turmeric depends on the condition. So, for example, if you have arthritis, you should have a daily intake of up to 60 grams three times. If you have a stomach ache you could ingest up to 3 grams of turmeric. For a sore throat, you could create a mixture of turmeric mixed with licorice tincture and water, and gargle it three times daily. For colds and flu, turmeric tincture mixed with water and honey works wonders. In India, turmeric milk is used for the same purpose as well. Ayurveda medicinal preparations often contain turmeric that is applied externally to treat skin rashes, scabies, and acne. It will stain your skin yellowish, but the effects are magical!

Finally, turmeric recipes and formulations have been used for decades to treat various illnesses and symptoms, but it’s only in the past few decades that we have understood how turmeric and its components are beneficial to our health. While turmeric is beneficial both as a medicine and spice and is mostly used by women in various beauty treatments, it has also been proven to help male health problems, such as erectile dysfunction, infertility, and sex drive issues.

Men may also have skin problems and other ailments that can be treated or prevented if the right dosage of turmeric is taken daily. Although more evidence is needed to support the effects of turmeric curcumin and associated compounds, one thing is certain – turmeric is definitely a miraculous spice with little to no side effects. It also gives the skin a wonderful yellowish and youthful glow. Thus, turmeric benefits for men are numerous, and all you have to do is get some turmeric and start using!


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